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VEGA CRM Platform

Nebula d.o.o. has active CRM installation (VEGA Contact Management) for Renault and Nissan dealers in Slovenia (R1 and R2 network), for Renault and Nissan dealers in Croatia (R1 and R2 network) and for Renault and Nissan dealers in Serbia (R1 network). VEGA is offered as a complete solution (SaaS) with professional technical and domain support.  There are more than 70 dealers with more than 95 business units included in VEGA system. VEGA has more than 500 active users daily. Users perform more than 5 million different queries in VEGA database annually. VEGA is best practice CRM/SFA tool for Renault and Nissan on Adriatic region.  

Sales-marketing modular information system with commercial name VEGA is entirely the result of Nebula's development made on the basis of Renault commercial methods for sales of new vehicles and aftersales. VEGA system is integrated with systems such as Renault SITe (LMT), Krpan (PVR-SI), Navigator prodaje (PVR-HR) and dealer management systems (Vector DMS, AOP DMS). VEGA provides creation and planning of contacts with customers and their history on an automatic basis and guides the user in an intuitive way to perform sales (including commercial vehicle offers and contracts for Nissan) and aftersales activities. VEGA supports all stages of work with potential or actual customers and offers an easy insight to all the data about customer, his vehicles and the history of all contacts done with him.

VEGA is recognized by advanced and efficient search engines over combined sales and aftersales data joined in a single view. With complex and simple-to-use search criteria VEGA provides strong marketing support to both the sales departments and the workshops.

Sales management module provides global as well as detailed level for monitoring objectives and realization in real time. With advanced tracking of all activities VEGA provides systematic management of sales and aftersales activities. VEGA supports national and local marketing activities and measures their effectiveness in real time. With these features VEGA enables quick and accurate responses and provides strong decision-making basis for dealers and for the subsidiary.


VEGA key features

  • Easy-to-use for end users.
  • Works with browsers IE8 - IE9, FF 6+, Chrome 16+ without additional plugins.
  • Optimized for tablets with Android 4+ (Chrome or integrated browser).
  • Optimized for tablets with iOS 5+ (Safari).
  • Scalable infrastructure and solution based on Java platform.
  • High availability servers.
  • Load balance and work sharing between servers.
  • Additional redundant layout of the entire system.
  • Hosting of the system in a professional data center.
  • Secured environment (USB token, certificates, IP location restrictions).
  • VEGA is standard J2EE web application.


VEGA Infrastructure

  • Multiple HP DL 380 G7 servers with redundant components for middleware tier
  • Multiple HP DL 585 G7 servers with redundant components for database tier
  • Virtualized environment with VMware Tools (ESXI 5.1) – Nebula private cloud.
  • Application servers based on Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter.
  • MySQL 5.6 database.
  • Apache web server with load balance.
  • Java execution environment with JVM multiple instances / clusters on distributed servers (Tomcat 7, Glassfish 3.1.2 Cluster).


VEGA HA (high availability)

  • Replication of the database in real time (Master-Master replication).
  • Replication at the level of Java session (Java Cluster).
  • Daily replication of databases and application servers in a redundant environment.


VEGA Hosting / Data Center

  • Redundancy power supply via three systems: network, UPS system and diesel aggregate that guarantees a reliable and non-stop power supply.
  • Several redundancy integrated air conditioning devices in double floor with sensors that ensure constant climate environment.
  • Fire protection systems.
  • Professional alarm and burglar alarm system.
  • 24-hour protection.
  • Entrance and exit supervision.
  • Cisco communication equipment for high reliability of operations.
  • Redundancy optical connections with Slovenian and foreign internet providers.


My Vega
My Vega
Vega customers
Vega customers
Vega statistics
Vega statistics
Vega leads
Vega leads
Vega contacts
Vega contacts
Vega editing duplicates
Vega editing duplicates
Vega advanced search engine
Vega advanced search engine
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Vega calendar
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Vega charts
  • My Vega
  • Vega customers
  • Vega statistics
  • Vega leads
  • Vega contacts
  • Vega editing duplicates
  • Vega advanced search engine
  • Vega calendar
  • Vega charts