GAIA is a completely redesigned VEGA fork, where generic modules are the same as in VEGA, and customized foreign modules are developed for multi-brand retailers.
GAIA has further developed modules for the needs of departments in banks to support customers and track the implementation of claims.

GAIA is tailor made CRM system for automotive industry. GAIA supports efficiently commercial activities on presales, sales and aftersales covering a single-brand or multi-brand companies:

  • Potential customers (leads, opportunities, presale activities)
  • End customers and financial products in the automotive industry (customer support for financial contracts and insurance)
  • Buyers of new or second hand / used cars
  • Customers in bodywork and mechanic workshop providing tools for customer loyalty until the repurchase of a new car.

GAIA provides its users to

  • Comprehensive manage sales and maintenance on dealer level (insight into what and how the pre-during-after sale processes take place).
  • KPI monitoring (plans / goals and their realization).
  • Program marketing activities and their monitoring at the level of NV, UV and after sales.
  • Efficient information support for operation and work (including integration with other solutions + upgrades of these solutions into a linked and more uniform SM system).
  • Improving methods of work in work processes of the sales and after sales.
  • Reducing of the costs connected with searching and processing of information (eg: shortening the time for preparing a commercial offer).
  • Enable and unify the work of the dealer and enable a single user experience of the customers, thereby improving customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure customer loyalty in a systematic way.
  • Conduct audits and also support and execute the progress and development in the systematic way.
  • Manage stock of the cars
  • Manage the configurator of new cars
  • Automatically adopt configurator pricelists from third-party systems

GAIA in Adriatic area


  • RCI BANQUE banking branch Ljubljana and RCI Lizing d.o.o.
  • National Ford importer and Ford authorized dealers


  • Large multibrand dealer: AutoBenussi d.o.o. (Renault, Nissan, Dacia, JLR, Mazda, Fiat, …)